Alex Dragan is a published and exhibited international photographer. His body of work ranges from fashion to travel photography. His images focus on both the notion of individual identity and social groups.

Alex started to practice photography in 2010. In 2014 he moved in UK and since then until 2017 he studied for a degree in photography at University of Suffolk.

Alex now lives in UK.

  • Alex is the best photographer I could ever work with. He has a special vision on photography, he can understand your wishes as a client, and he also puts his "fingerprint" on every single photo he makes. As a makeup artist I need a photographer who knows to put my work in the spotlight; On my makeup page the most successful photos are the ones made by Alex.
    Teo Ursulean
    Make-Up Artist
  • Worked with Alex on a fashion shoot at my home. He is very creative. I waited five weeks for my images. They were worth the wait.
  • I really recommend this photographer as he has an eye for images! You can see how he looks to environment and find a good place to shoot.  Alex shows the results on the camera so model can see how shoot is going on and how to move to void little errors in the picture. Full of his own ideas and have some prepared ideas he wants to work on too. Again, really nice to work with and hope to work again in the future.

    Thank you Alex!

    Erika Zamiatina